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Data Owner

There are many data companies to choose from across the industry, however, what are the benefits of doing business with a data owner as opposed to a non-data owner?

Perhaps we should first explore what the potential differences are.

There are many data companies you can purchase data from, but did you know, most of these companies don’t actually own the data they are selling??

This comes down to one fundamental issue…. the source of the data.

Data companies who do not “own their data” buy in their data from offshore call centres, and then repackage and resell it.

The disadvantages of this activity are:

  1. A lack of transparency regarding the opt in time and date stamp
  2. Relying on a third party to validate the data before send, i.e. PAF, HLR and deceased checking.
  3. A lack of control over the quality of the data supplied to the data reseller from the offshore call centre

As a data owner and controller, DBI offers a service that is 100% transparent from opt in to sale.

We have our own 250 seat call centre where we generate all of our own data, utilising direct marketing questionnaires to the UK consumer.

We can fully trace all opt ins back to the time and date stamp. All our procedures are 100% GDPR compliant.

We have full control over the data we create and supply. We generate it, we own it, we cleanse it, we validate it.

All of which means, that when you invest in data supplied by DBI, you can be assured not only is it of the highest accuracy and quality, we have full ownership and transparency of the journey that data has been through.

What does this mean for you as a data purchaser? In essence, confidence. Confidence that the data you purchase is GDPR compliant, confidence that the data is what we say it is, and confidence that we can fully trace the data/consumer journey should it be required.

Call us today for a quote regarding your data requirements!!

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