Allow us to design and manage your call center campaign (s) or provide high-quality B2C and B2B data that drives results. With over 12 years of proven success, we are your trusted partner for exceptional performance and growth.

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DBl is committed to providing our clients the best quality Lead Generation and Telemarketing though its call centre network that includes centres from the Philippines, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Malaysia, Tunisia and Poland.


At DBI, our mission is to empower businesses through exceptional lead generation. We provide an extensive array of data services and call center solutions, both in the UK and globally, tailored to meet your specific business needs.


Whether you seek fresh consumer responses for your product or service, or need to target a specific data set, DBI has access to over 11 million consumers records with a choice of variables. We are committed to ensuring your campaign’s success, delivering outstanding return on investment.


Partner with DBI as your trusted lead generation and call centre expert, and experience unparalleled results.

lead generation

Consumer Telephone Lead Generation/UK consumer surveys/Direct Marketing Questionnaires

In today’s competitive landscape, selecting the right provider for consumer telephone lead generation, UK consumer surveys, and direct marketing questionnaires is vital.

List Rental
B2C and
B2B data/
Dialler data

The cornerstone of success lies in leveraging dependable, precise, and comprehensive data. The effectiveness of any campaign hinges on the quality of the data utilized.

bespoke campaigns

Data cleansing services/Free TPS checking/Low-cost number validation

Effective data cleansing is vital for maintaining the integrity and usability of your data, ensuring that your business thrives on accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information.

Bespoke call
centre Campaigns/
Solo Scripts/Bite Scripts

DBI emerges as the leading provider for list rental and dialler data, offering unmatched precision, expansive reach, and robust compliance with regulatory standards.


The foundation of any successful campaign lies in reliable, accurate, and comprehensive data. This makes DBI the preferred partner for businesses aiming to optimize their marketing strategies effectively.

Choosing The
Right CLI,
Dialer, and
VOIP Supplier

Running an efficient call center hinges on selecting the best technology, Command Line Interface (CLI), dialer, and VoIP supplier. Here’s your ultimate guide to making the right choices.

Offshore recruitment
and Call
Centre seat

Offshore recruitment and call centre seat leasing have become vital strategies for maintaining efficient operations. Among the many service providers, DBI emerges as the premier choice.

The DBI Team is
here to help
you grow!!!

If you require a call center or data product or service that we do not currently offer, please let us know. With over 12 years of experience, we can recommend the right company to meet your needs.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by seasoned industry experts, DBI was born from over a decade of global call center management experience. Our mission is to lead the market as a trusted data and call center partner. We achieve this through our exceptional team of highly trained professionals located in both the UK and the Philippines, who bring extensive expertise in data management, telephone lead generation, customer service, and compliance. At DBI, we are committed to delivering excellence and reliability, ensuring our clients achieve their business goals.

The DBI team can help you with…

B2C and B2B List Rental data, Outbound Call Centre Campaigns, choosing the right VOIP,
CLI and dialler providers, Seat leasing, Web leads, email campaigns, TPS and live number Validation,
Data mining campaigns, Inbound Call centre Campaigns, offshore recruitment.