DBI’s Quality Team

Discover the DBI Difference: Uncompromising Quality in Every Process

At DBI, quality isn’t just a goal—it’s a guarantee. Our rigorous quality assurance processes ensure that all information generated meets our stringent 100% quality control standards. With weekly records checks, we maintain data that is always fresh and GDPR compliant, ensuring your peace of mind.


Elevating Client Expectations with Exceptional Data Quality

DBI’s Data Quality Service is designed to exceed client expectations continuously. We prioritize customer satisfaction through proactive feedback integration and testimonial review, setting the highest standards for product and service quality.


Comprehensive Training for Consistent Excellence

Every team member at DBI undergoes thorough training to meet clear, defined benchmarks. This commitment to quality ensures that we deliver consistent, high-quality data. Our validation services guarantee that all lead details are accurate from the point of entry and that all historical data is meticulously validated before output.


Our Specialized Validation Services Include:

  • TPS (Telephone Preference Service)
  • PAF (Postcode Address File)
  • HLR (Mobile live number check)
  • LLV (Landline live number check)
  • Decease Checking

Choose DBI for a quality assurance partner that sets the industry standard. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business with unparalleled data integrity and reliability.

DBI Data Goals

DBI specializes in acquiring consumer direct marketing data with expertise honed over 12 years of industry leadership. Our extensive network includes strong relationships with data owners and brokers, ensuring unparalleled trust in every dataset we procure.


Our commitment is simple: if you require a specific dataset that we don’t currently possess, our established partnerships empower us to source it swiftly. This capability spans both B2C and B2B data, gathered through diverse channels such as telephone, online platforms, and face-to-face interactions. Our dedicated team is committed to exhaustive searches to meet your needs, and in cases where the exact dataset is unavailable, we proactively present alternative solutions.


Partner with DBI for comprehensive data solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

Data Quality Services

DBI are registered with the ICO as data controllers under the Data Protection Act 2018. With this, clients and prospective partners are assured that our services are of global standards and quality. Managing our own call centres enables us to provide responsive, sharp and high-grade campaigns. The ICO governs the three critical pieces of consumer data protection legislation:

We are regularly in consultation with FCA Compliance Consultants, Scott Robert http://www.scottrobert.co.uk who keep us abreast with the regulatory changes.

Additional Accreditations

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we have implemented Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business including:

Cost-effective, High-Quality Services

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations strive to optimize efficiency while maintaining competitiveness and delivering superior service to foster growth. Identifying a reliable supplier of leads and data entails significant investment of time, resources, and risk. At DBI, we guarantee our clients a strong return on investment and a positive customer journey. Leveraging our team’s profound expertise in lead generation and data quality services, we meticulously orchestrate campaigns designed to achieve optimal outcomes.

Enhanced Customer Service and Data Quality Solutions

At our organization, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining high standards of data quality. Our dedicated team of professionals combines expertise with a proactive approach to ensure effective communication with clients via email, Skype, and telephone during UK office hours. We foster collaborative partnerships with our clients, gaining deep insights into their data requirements and crafting bespoke strategies that optimize outcomes and maximize return on investment

Our Clientele

DBI offers a diverse array of services and solutions to prominent UK brands and well-known household names. We specialize in delivering targeted direct marketing campaigns to businesses worldwide. Through fostering robust and prosperous partnerships, DBI proudly serves and supports hundreds of satisfied clients spanning various industries.

The DBI team can help you with…

B2C and B2B List Rental data, Outbound Call Centre Campaigns, choosing the right VOIP,
CLI and dialler providers, Seat leasing, Web leads, email campaigns, TPS and live number Validation,
Data mining campaigns, Inbound Call centre Campaigns, offshore recruitment.