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At DBI, quality assurance processes are always strictly observed and as we are a data owner and controller, we can assure our clients that all our data is captured in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

The DBI Quality and Audit Team (QA Team) is responsible for maintaining and ensuring that all our data solutions pass our stringent Quality Standards and by doing so, DBI maintains our Clients’ trust and confidence by providing high quality, responsive leads.

Keeping our agents’ knowledge and skills fresh and updated is key in ensuring our strict quality processes are maintained and this enables us to provide the best possible data solutions to our clients. We do this through:

  • QA Talks and Guidelines
  • Voice Files and Applications checking
  • Providing feedback to the Production Team or the Agent involved
  • Conduct coaching and call calibration to ensure all the team is working from the same page!


  • Tenured QA’s train new members of the team side by side to ensure the accuracy of their work
  • QA’s are trained on all campaigns to ensure the whole team is confident with validating any new campaigns they are assigned
  • The QA team calibrates with the Op’s Team for updates, so the whole team is unified
  • QA tools should always be updated and regularly reviewed
  • All QA’s must know the QA guidelines thoroughly
  • A system known as ‘Check the Checker’ is in place to ensure that each team member is successfully validating the data
  • Detailed Scheduling is in place to ensure Agents’ Applications are always validated (lunch breaks etc.)
  • The whole QA team is cross trained to improve the business and client experience. This allows all the team to expand their skills and knowledge, making them multi-skilled and this helps to distribute workload evenly
  • The team utilises communication tools such as Skype, to seek guidance from team leaders on validating calls


  • The team listen to Voice files to check if the agents are delivering the Marketing Questionnaire script correctly
  • The agents are coached on any responses that have been incorrectly tagged and uploaded to the CRM or mispronounced
  • All calls (both good and bad) are shared to help with agents to assist in training
  • Ideas are shared so that the validated calls we monitor are 100% accurate
  • Any rejected calls are evaluated, and agents are pulled for coaching
  • All rejected applications are shared with the Op’s team so they can discuss them with the agents during Team Huddle
  • All Google Sheets are checked to ensure all details are provided correctly


  • We use a Coaching Group on Skype for our various Bespoke Campaigns, where we provide necessary details on agent infractions after validation
  • We encourage the agents to listen to their calls during coaching
  • Encourage the agent to understand the implications of their infractions on the client and the business
  • We provide suggestions and ideas to help the agent improve on their calls

DBI is committed to providing our clients with the best quality and value leads. It is our mission to connect businesses and consumers through the power of compliant and targeted leads.

For further information, please email marketing@dbiph.com


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