What does a direct marketing questionnaire offer a consumer?

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Our DBI direct marketing questionnaire gives the consumer a safe environment to at their leisure find out about money saving offers and / or new products or services that have come to the market. The marketplace for any product or service everyday changes and it may be that a consumer believes that have the ‘best deal’ but really, they don’t. It’s very normal for companies to leave consumers on higher tariffs or not offer existing customers new promotions and this is where a marketing questionnaire can really help the consumer.

If you just consider all the products and services every UK consumer has to pay for every month if it was possible even to save just 10% that would mean consumers would be £1,000’s of pounds better off each year.

The list of company types is endless, to name a few: Utility companies, Telecoms companies (landline, mobile phone and broadband, Insurance companies (home, Car, Travel and Life), holiday companies, Warranty and repair companies, Home Security companies, Private Medical Insurance companies…

Our direct marketing questionnaire does not ask the consumer any sensitive information, its targeted to consumers from the age of 18 to 79 and does not ask the consumer for any banking details or the like, it’s a safe environment to say yes or no to likes or dislikes to products or services.

We feel the UK consumer in 2021 wants to save money or get better service / products for whatever they use. The pandemic has changed the way consumers need to save guard their saving and monies and sadly companies do not automatically pass on savings and discounts to their existing customers.

Why many consumers like marketing questionnaires is that there is very little effort needed, they don’t need to trawl the internet, write to companies or wait in long call queues its simple, they are asked about various products and services and then if it’s of interest they say yes and if not no.

DBI is aware that they are also many companies online who do the same but contact by telephone reaches out to a different type of consumer, it is not a re-active service but pro-active and DBI hopes what it offers can help consumers improve their lifestyle through saving or gaining market knowledge on new products or services.


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