Appointment Setting

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Appointment Setting

Many products which our clients sell cannot be closed over the telephone. For products and services where a demonstration in the home is required, the first step is appointment setting.

There are many examples of products that require a home demonstration to the consumer. For example, a new conservatory, home improvements, a new boiler, a funeral plan, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and landscaping.

Many companies do not have the data or manpower to launch a full-scale lead generation campaign for successful appointment setting.

Here is a brief overview of how DBI can help with this process.

A company will come to us and ask us to generate a database of people who meet the client’s prequalification criteria.

The first step is establishing an agent script we can use to qualify the prospect. This will involve asking the consumer a series of questions to ensure they meet the criteria of a potential lead for our client.

This database of pre-qualified leads that have met the criteria of our clients will then be passed onto our clients.

The next step is for our client’s front-line appointment setting team is to call these consumers and book an appointment for their field sales team to visit the consumer in their homes.

Once the field sales staff has closed the sale, the consumer is then placed into the hands of a dedicated account manager who will take care of all the aftersales thereafter.

The process is then repeated.

Crucial to the success of appointment setting campaigns is having the right team, agent script and calling data to prequalify and generate a database of genuinely interested prospects for our clients to contact and make the appointment.

Here at DBI, we have 7 years of executing this process and we would be delighted to help you with your appointment setting requirements.

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