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A DBI Outbound Calling Tip

Since the introduction of GDPR, consumers are more informed than ever of their rights surrounding their personal data and are armed with various legislation of how they can control who has excess to their personal data and the communications surrounding it.

As a data owner and controller, DBI strictly observes quality assurance processes and our records are checked on a weekly basis to ensure that our data production is always fresh and 100% GDPR compliant. Our services are of global standards and quality and we are registered with the ICO as data controllers under the Data Protection Act 2018.

As per legislation, every call we make to consumers via our Direct Marketing Questionnaire must have our CLI displayed. The CLI (Calling Line Identification) provides information to the recipient (the consumer) about the party making the telephone call. This allows the person receiving the call to see the caller’s number. When CLI is provided, it must be a valid, dialable telephone number which uniquely identifies the caller. The CLI Data that is presented with a call can provide assurance to the recipient of the call about who they are talking to and allow them to take informed decisions on how to handle incoming calls.

Consumers are now also reporting CLI’s to websites such as and mobile and landline networks, in turn this means that calls you make showing a ‘reported’ CLI may be blocked and this will have a negative impact on the conversions of the data you dial. DBI suggests you check such sites on a weekly basis and if the CLI you are using has been reported, that you change your CLI. We would also suggest that if you have more than 3 outbound calling agents, you use multiple CLI’s to dial out.

Please remember to be compliant! The CLI MUST be identifiable so that the consumer can call the number back and speak with a person or hear a voicemail explaining who was calling them and providing the option to opt-out of receiving further calls. Calling without a CLI is in breach of legislation. There are various consumer advice guides online, detailing how consumers can either report nuisance callers to organisations such as the TPS or Ofcom or how they can block directly on their phone.

So, our top tip is to always remember to check on the websites as mentioned above to ensure your CLI isn’t listed. This will increase your connection rates!


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