Data Appending

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Data Appending

Data appending is the process of adding new data elements to an existing database. One example of data appending would be the enrichment of your customer files. Companies often collect basic information on their clients such as phone numbers, age, employment status, homeowner status and addresses. A data append takes the existing information and cross references it against a larger database of business data, allowing the desired missing data to be added.

Essentially, “appending” means to “add something”

Data appending completes the gaps in your database and reverse data appending removes incomplete and inaccurate information.

For instance, some customers might require a simple change, such as a telephone number. In other cases, they may have moved house, and the customer address needs to be updated.

Why You Need Data Appending

 The main benefits of having a clean, enhanced and up to date database are:

  1. Cleaner information. The validity of your database will improve your ROI when you contact the base
  2. Reduce costs. Incorrect information is a waste – mainly, of time, a valuable resource. Time is money, and to get the best ROI on your data investment, the validity of your database matters.
  3. Better market segmentation. If your database is fully up to date, this makes it easier to “zero in” or target specific demographics of your database. For example, gender, age, geographic location, employment status, homeowner status. Having this information up to date can make a big difference when it comes to targeting your marketing audience.

Here at DBI, we have extensive experience of data appending during our 7 years in business.

We also own a 250 seat contact centre which is invaluable for contacting a database and updating the records.

Call us today for a quote regarding your data appending needs!!

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