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Data Marketing

This overview is an example of how DBi would construct, question and charge a 1st use (fresh) data campaign.


DBI is one of the leaders in data marketing in the UK, Australia and the USA. All of the work that we supply our clients is voice recorded and our in-house quality team ensures that each order and campaign we run is carried out with perfection. Our 20 strong team works from our head office in Alabang, Manila with our 250-seat call centre in Bacolod, Negros Occidental and our call centre partner network is currently spread across the Philippines, India and the Caribbean. We currently work with over 80 brands supplying lead generation services across the countries mentioned above and pride ourselves on the feedback that we receive from our clients.

Our consumer questionnaire

Consumers are contacted and asked if they wish to take part in a data marketing questionnaire and if they are, we then confirm their name, address and then opt them in so that you as our client can then contact them. We keep each questionnaire to just 15 questions so that the responses can be kept as truthful and as accurate as possible, the length of the call is just under 5 minutes. The questionnaire is not incentivized and we will not carry out a marketing questionnaire to any consumer who is under 18 or over 80 years old. As a company we follow all the standards of the data protection act and we are in process for achieving the ISO 9001 quality award.

  • Our Proposal for a (Home improvements) Campaign
  • We are pleased to propose the following:
  • A sponsored question on our consumer marketing questionnaire.
    100% voice recording and offer of our investigation process.
  • Daily delivery in a format of your choice. (Standard delivery is in excel)
  • Access to our partner centres on volume orders.
  • 60 days exclusivity on the opted in responses delivered.
    The question to be asked to: (Logic question) Age 25 to 64.
  • All consumer contact numbers supplied will be UK landline numbers. •The question to be asked to: (logic question) Home owners only.

The example we are using here is for a home improvement campaign.

The Question Set:

Q1: Could I ask are you thinking of changing your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom in the next 12 months?

The price for every “Yes” we would charge is £1.50 and we would estimate a daily delivery of 150 consumers.

We would look for an initial order of 2000 consumers.

Our UK b2c data lists are now approaching 1 million opted in consumers I have completed a count for you based on the questions below and we have 32,945 consumer that we could supply to you.

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. The price for these records would be £150 / 1000 so 0.15 per record.

Paperwork and Delivery

Once we have agreed the details of your order, we will raise the relevant paperwork and getting your account set up with finance. Once this is done and you have returned this to us signed your question would go live on the questionnaire within 48 hours and first delivery to you in 72 hours.


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