DBI Do’s and Don’ts when calling leads

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  1. When you are calling your data lists, did you pitch the lead name or anyone who picked up the phone when you called? We suggest you only pitch the lead name as it is that person who has answered the questions.
  2. Regarding your lead generation services, check if there is anything that changed in the setup of your team which may have caused a change in performance? New agents? Has your offering changed? Is there a new competitor in the market place? Bad press on TV?
  3. Check if the script you are using matches the consumer data we are sending? Please feel free to share the opening of your script so we can check this for you.
  4. If you were unable to speak to the customers on day one…. Try to call them at different times during the day (the time stamp in our file can help you find out what time they answered our survey questions).
  5. Use the dialler that you have to analyse the information from the dispositions your agents have given – never ask the agents how the consumer data is performing – the saying a bad workman always blames their tools applies here. Always look first at a data set as a whole then break down the parts.
  6. Never disclose to your agents the source of any data lists sent as if they become reliant on a very responsive file this is what they will always want – the agents need to work the data you give them.
  7. Check if you have your team is motivated to work the consumer data leads – do they have an exciting commission package for giving you results? – are they incentivised to do what we all want them to do? Maybe highest performer in the team each day wins a prize? Agent of the month to have dinner with their boss?
  8. Don’t react too quickly you should only analyse a data set once you have penetrated the leads to 65%+ penetrated means speaking to the lead name!!! Don’t jump if the first 10 calls are not positive as most campaigns are a numbers game we just don’t know where that sale is sitting or when it will come but it will.
  9. Have you taken the time as the manager/owner to call a few to check for yourself? Take an hour to call a few and see if you sense the same, sales people will often take the path of least resistance! So get a feel yourself for the consumer data that way you will know first have.
  10. Use the time and date stamp we provide in the file as a good time to call customers back if you are finding it hard to penetrate a file, as this is when we spoke to them to complete the survey questions.
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