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For Lead Generation campaigns, the question will go live the next following day for we need to forward your campaign details to our Operation Team for training and the first delivery will be the next day after the first dial.
Payment can be made through bank deposit or bank transfer. For easier payment we sometimes do TransferWise.
For Lead Generation – the question will go live on the next day and the first delivery should be made on the following day.

For List Rental – the maximum time of delivery is 24 hours for this will cover all validations

Opt – in Statement Our privacy policy is available on our website, www.save2day-ph.com. Save Today and its trusted partners may contact you for up to 12 months via telephone to offer promotions, market their products or services or to update your preferences.

Is this Okay?

Logic questions depends on the vertical of your data requirement. If you like we can come up with a script that will help to increase your sales.

Inhabit: Homeowners / Rent (Council) / Rent (Private) / Rent (Housing Association) / Living With Family

Age Bracket: 18-24 , 25-34 , 35-44 , 45-54 , 55-64 , 65-74 , 75-80

Landline and Mobile


Covered Areas: All of UK or with Postcode Inclusions

Postcodes to Exclude

DSF stands for Daily Sales File. It is a database where our MIS team collate all generated leads/records from our internal centre yesterday’s dial. It has all the information and responses from our Direct Marketing Questionnaire
Delivery can be done through Dropbox with Password, Client Portal, Leabyte, API, and SFTP.
Yes, you can inform our Account Manager if you wish to receive the leads daily, weekly, or even on a specific day only.

For Lead Generation:


Survey Date and Time



First Name

Last Name








Age Bracket




For List Rental:


First Name

Last Name








Age Bracket


Other fields required depending on the data order

We do the following Validations:

1. Live Number Validation

2. PAF

3. Deceased Checking

4. TPS Checking

5. Eyeballing

6. CTPS Checking if needed

Count result will be sent within 24 hours after the request. Some days it might take a little longer due to number of volume of count requests and order, our Account Managers will give you an update from time to time regarding the progress of your request.
No DBI only works with NTPS data where full compliance is reviewed on every order.
Yes, we offer TPS Checking in a minimum amount. This is to help you to check if the data you have is under TPS or NTPS. This will help you avoid breaking any GDPR rules. Please speak to your account manager on the cost of this.
Yes, all of our Partner Centres are ICO registered. DBI strictly checked all documents and evaluate if one Partner Centre is eligible to be part of DBI. DBI has a concrete checklist to ensure all Partner Centres has the required documents before they start dialing for us.

GDPR is very wide and not possible to share in a document or two. What I can say is that we have own our compliance team, we take advice from Scott Robert in Manchester, and we use the data Rep service in London, we take compliance very seriously. Many of our clients have a due diligence form that we need to complete do you have one? If not, then I suggest you create one to satisfy yourself you are asking us the right questions to ensure that the data company you choose is compliant.

If you would like me to supply you with a due diligence form please just ask your account manager.

For call recordings it will be sent 72 hours after the request. In the event that it is taking longer, our Compliance and Account Managers will send you an update.
Every voice file request has a cost to us as a company, around £3 to send you one. We are happy to provide more if you are willing to pay? In addition to this if there are issues with the data we are sending this will be picked up in 5 voice files there is no need to listen to more.
Volume depends on the difficulty of the question set, required criteria, desired response, sensitivity of the question, number of agents dialing, and some unforeseen events such as weather, nature tragedies, and others. Our Account Managers are closely monitoring your campaign daily to ensure your campaign is hitting the cap, if not they will get in touch with you and discuss on how can it be changed.

If you wish to call the leads delivered from the previous months it needs to be approved by our Directors. We will also raise a new order form and invoice for this for we will validate the data again for you. Our process for re-licensing records would require you to send over the records to us and we will do the validations from our end. We will send you the validation results and the file of the records that you are able to use again.

As part of our ISO guidelines, any data that will be re-licensed must pass through our data processing again in order for us to guarantee the data’s compliance.

Just to be clear our role is to provide you with accurate data as per your order, when we deliver the data is then your team that will decide on the conversion, your offer, your script, your price point, how you manage the data, your agents’ skills, the list goes on. Sadly conversion is not in our control.

If you are getting dead numbers, then we can help, when we select the data it all comes from the same data base so no reason to why the first batch gave sales and the 2nd not so many.

If you’re not getting dead numbers, We don’t what to suggest.

That’s a great question, our role is to provide you with accurate data as per your order, when we deliver the data is then your team that will decide on the conversion, your offer, your script, your price point, how you manage the data, your agents’ skills, the list goes on. What I can say is that we have many repeat clients, and they would only come back to us time and time again if the data we supplied them is accurate.

In the event that a lead came from DBI wished to not receive any marketing calls, you can send an email to our Compliance team together with the customer’s number and name. We will include it on our Do Not Call and Do Not Process List.


The most common questions our team gets asked: Please find our first FAQs from our clients…

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