DBI now offers consumer mobile data

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One of the challenges of working with data is that there is a constant stream of new parameters that we must work within. Whether that be the introduction of GDPR, technology evolving or even just adapting the ways in which data is delivered. In the last ten years we have seen a huge spike in vendors wishing for compelling mobile data. Whilst landlines certainly still have their place in campaigns, many vendors are opting for mobile only and we have had to ensure we can provide that.

But why? Surely answering a sales call from a landline is an easier process as the consumer is unaware of who is calling until they speak with the salesperson directly? Not necessarily the case. Mobile data can be streamlined against our profiled data to get a clearer picture of the consumers demographics. This increases the efficiency of a campaign and allows us to target your typical customer in a less time-consuming manner.

Mobile data has also been shown to have better connection rates than that of its counterpart. By and large, mobiles are kept on a person most (if not all) of the time. You are able to reach the consumer during a wider periphery of time.

As stated, we have had to alter our way of business to keep up with consumer demand and continue on as a noted provider of high-quality consumer data. We now have millions of records at our fingertips all of which are GDPR compliant with opt in, chain of consent, name, address, mobile number, age range and mobile provider!

We have an amazing coverage of the entire mobile network provider share. We’re also able to obtain more information about customers purely through their mobile network i.e. a consumer with Sky Mobile gives a great indication as to their broadband provider as well.

All of our mobile data comes from within the last 12 months, so this is ideal for renewal and new contract switching campaigns.

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