How can an offshore outsource call centre team reduce your costs but help you grow?

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Outsource Call Centre

An offshore telemarketing team can bring a huge variety of advantages to your business. If you’re considering delving into the world of outsourced lead gen, we can help ease you into the transition that will ultimately benefit your business.

Allowing us to take care of the leadgen aspect of your business means you can then improve your focus on more core activities. Time is freed up enabling you and your staff to concentrate on your main tasks as well as your future strategy.


This, of course, then leads on to increased efficiency. DBI are b2c data specialists so we can be more time effective in the way we run call centre outsourcing campaigns. Productivity rates are incredibly high which means we can offer lead generation services both high in quality and efficient.

Having your own “home lead gen” team can be a gamble. You are never certain exactly how many leads you will get in a day and certainly not how many sales. You can have expectations but that’s where it ends. Prior to running a data marketing campaign with us, the high quality, qualified telephone leads are agreed. You know what you are getting, and it is down to us to deliver these to you. This also means that you have an agreed price, this can allow you to save money and help you release capital for investment in other areas of your business.

Ultimately, outsourcing lead qualification will enable your business to become more flexible and agile. Market conditions are changing constantly and there are continuous challenges, so you need to be able to adjust to these quickly and accordingly. We can provide you with a way to keep your business consistent, efficient and profitable.

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