How do you penetrate the data lists we provide?

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5 Top Tips

  1. Be prepared.

Share your lead gen script with DBI or ask us to help create one for you that will work!

  1. Use the information provided to lead your call!

We will provide thorough response records. If you use this information to lead your call then your results will be more successful than if you need to ask people if they remember the survey questions.

  1. Strategize your calling schedule

Make you data marketing calls at different times of the day to enhance your contact rates. Try carrying out calls in the morning, afternoon and early evening. Try to call until 8PM and on Saturdays also.

  1. Always pitch to the lead name!

Do not try and pitch to anyone who answers the phone! Make sure that you are talking to the right contact – this will ensure relevant and successful sales calls.

  1. Try 100% of the leads.

If you have a bad call early on, stay focused, keep going. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again! You will only have a true reflection of your performance after you have carried out all of your consumer data calls for the day.

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