Share your script with us please

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ISO 9001: Quality award teaches us that every process should have a start, middle and end and we should apply this in our lead generation and bespoke campaigns.

For every order we sign off with you as our client, the wording of the question set or script that our agents will use is agreed by both parties but this is only half the job, understanding what happens when the ‘lead’ reaches your team is also vital.

 DBI is the start and middle of the process and you as the client are the close

It ensures the question set we are asking fits in with your opening pitch and process.

DBI have years of script writing, direct selling and objection handling experience. We can help spot any areas for improvement. We find many opening scripts are too long, its critical to get a conversation going with the consumer not just read at them!!!

DBI can analyze your script so ensure and provide records to fit for purpose.

Use the facts gained from our questions to set up your calls, rather than questioning whether consumers have been through the survey.

By getting scripts checked before we start a campaign DBI makes sure we deliver records that will add value to your business!

We fully understand that a script is a critical part of your success and some people may have reservations about sharing this but we just need the opening, our job to aid in opening  conversations and qualifying consumers, not making the end to end sale which is why it’s only the opening we would like to see to ensure what we do Dovetails with you and your internal process.

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