The DBI ‘R’ Rate

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DBI’s mission is to connect businesses and consumers through the power of lead generation and as a Data Owner and Controller, we can offer your business a wide range of UK data solutions to suit your business needs.

At DBI our Response Rate is referred to as the ‘R’ Rate and is what our clients get excited about when they buy data from us! This is because:

  1. You will find increased response rates with data purchased from DBI, compared to other suppliers.
  2. Consumers have taken part in a Direct Marketing Questionnaire, meaning they are telephone talkers and:
  3. They have answered up to 15 questions on various verticals, giving you a variety of data to choose from
  4. They have spent around 5 minutes with one of our agents while on the call, meaning we can offer you fantastic quality data
  5. The responses given are fresh, factual and opted-in
  6. The contact details are up to date and accurate
  7. They have shown interest in your products or services – meaning this is a warm, insight-rich lead
  8. 100% of the data we dial has chain of consent and provenance of data and Non TPS

As you will see from our Insightful Databases, we have millions of opted records and OUR consumers see the value of saving money, new products or service offerings

When you buy data to call, buy data that has an increased ‘R’ rate

It just makes sense!!!!

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