The voice file is Judge and Jury….

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At DBI we are always looking to improve and perfect the services that we offer, sadly client feedback does not always come… Every call we make are recorded and these recordings prove invaluable in proving have we done our job correctly or not.

It’s amazing what some not many but what some consumers say to our clients and when we both listen to the voice file it proves them wrong. Please find a simple form that you can request from your account manager, when you receive the voice file if you spot anything that you believe we should improve on please let us know? Simply complete the form send to your account manager and have a review call.

We even suggest if you have rolling orders with us to do a weekly review with your account manager and as a feature of this review 5 voice files, your feedback can only help us as a company improve.



At DBI quality in any call is easily assessed:

Has the agent stuck to the wording of the question set in the order form? (within reason)


Have the correct answer (s) been collected by the agent that are in the order form? (within reason)


If you have any quality concerns, could we request?
Has the agent stuck to the wording of the question set in the order form? (within reason)

Complete the form below with the time in the voice file that you are unhappy with what you heard and a short description.

Telephone number of the voice file:____________________________

Customer name:________________________________________________


Issue One

Time in the voice file you hear an issue _________________________

In short what is the issue________________________________________



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