Warranty Leads

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Consumer Data

DBI has over 3.2 Million UK consumers who have opted in to allow use of their personal information. Each consumer has completed a telephone leads questionnaire from our privately owned call centre with 230 seats in Bacolod during the last 36 months.

DBI’s appliance warranty leads contains the consumers response to questions related to the equipment’s age, the brand name and warranty. Our consumer data leads include the basic information about the consumer, which our call centre representatives usually obtain before more questions are asked.

Sample Question

Q1. The next question is on behalf of (your brand). How old is your washing machine? Answer: Any age, proceed to question 2.

Q2. What make/brand is your washing machine? Check list

If the consumer answers both questions, this is a qualified lead.

Total Warranty Lead Count

  • 74,194
  • Age 35-55
  • Mobile NON TPS
  • Landline NON TPS

DBI is an ICO ISO 9001-15. accredited leads company that is capturing accurate consumer data across all verticals. These telephone leads are helping other outbound campaigns achieve their connectivity rate and most importantly maximise sales. Present your agents with live and active telephone responsive consumers that fit your target audience.

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