What critical checks does DBI carry out before you receive any data?

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Data Quality Services

In regards to telemarketing companies, when buying consumer data there’s always a worry that a proportion of the numbers you receive are not going to be viable. Whether that means recurring answer phones or incorrect personal details, DBI has a five-step data cleansing services process in place to ensure that the consumer data leads delivered is not only the highest quality possible, but also enabling maximum return on investment when you place a data marketing order with us.


Data Quality Services

  1. Data Verification – Live Number Verification

To ensure that every number is live, our portal is able to validate just over 10,000 records per hour. By sending a live ‘ping’ to the number in question, we can see if that phone accepts calls and texts.

  1. Check for deceased

Calling a lead and being met with the news the contact is deceased is never an enjoyable moment. Not only is it stressful for the salesperson but it can also be distressing to the family member at the end of the phone. DBI ensures that all of our lead gen data is screened against the mortality file.

  1. PAF Address Check

Data lists are then validated against the Royal Mail PAF file removing errors, duplicates and gaps in potential customer information.

  1. CTPS Cleanse

Now that numbers are being reused more frequently, DBI has implemented this additional stage to ensure compliance. The Corporate Telephone Preference Service are data lists of people who have registered their objection to receiving direct marketing calls.

  1. Eye balling

One of our production managers will personally review the data appending prior to delivery.

DBI are committed to providing high quality and accurate consumer data to all customers and this five-step data verification plan is unique to our business. Enforcing this prior to the start of a lead generation services campaign allows us to continue providing GDPR compliant data to happy customers.

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