DBI’s New Co-Sponsor Data Solution!

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DBI always want to provide our clients with responsive, quality, GDPR compliant data and we appreciate that one type of data solution does not suit all businesses. We already offer the following services:

Fresh Telephone Lead Generation: This data is a live question on our Direct Marketing Questionnaire (DMQ), in which we call UK consumers from our privately-owned call centre in the Philippines. We complete around 20,000 every month!

List Rental: This data consists of consumers who have previously completed our Direct Marketing Questionnaire. We have thousands of opted records which we can tailor to your product or service.

Bespoke Campaigns: This a is unique and exclusive campaign just for your products or services. A dedicated team of agents call consumers from our very own call centre, using a script which has been written with your help, exclusively for your company. We then provide you with warm leads / bites for you to set up the next stage of your deal process.

So, What’s New?

We are now pleased to announce the introduction of DBI Co-Sponsor Data. If you have a consumer product or service, want compliant leads that fit your consumer profile and a choice over how many leads you purchase, then Co-Sponsor Data is for you!

Here’s an overview of DBI’s New Co-Sponsor Data Solution:

  1. At the beginning of the month we will ask you to complete a simple, no obligation order form in which you will select your consumer criteria (age, gender, residential status etc.), the vertical of your company (for example, life insurance, warranty) and your company brand.
  2. We will then add your company brand to our end of call recording.
  3. Over the course of the month, we then call thousands of UK consumers, asking them questions on our Direct Marketing Questionnaire and playing them our end of call recording with your company brand included.
  4. At the end of the month, we complete a count based on your criteria (which you provided at the beginning of the month) and you have the option to buy all, or some of the records we have collected.

What does Co-Sponsor Data Give Me?

  • Consumers who are telephone talkers – We know this because they have spent 5-7 minutes with one of our agents completing our Direct Marketing Questionnaire.
  • High connectivity – We have spoken to the consumers in the last calendar month. We also validate all our records before output.
  • A good volume of responsive consumer leads – that fit the profile of your products or services. 
  • Complaint data – as it is opted-in to Save Today and your company brand.
  • The chance to select how many records you want to buy.


Below we have answered the most common questions we are asked about DBI’s Co-Sponsor Data:

Co-Sponsor data are guaranteed consumer responses from the last calendar month, whereas List Rental Data is consumer responses from 2-12mths ago. DBI’s Co-Sponsor data will give you high connectivity to the consumers and we know they are telephone talkers as they have completed a marketing questionnaire in the last calendar month.
Fresh lead generation is a set question(s) that is placed on our Direct Marketing Questionnaire. For example, for life insurance, the question may be, “Would you like a new life insurance policy?”. The price of this data is much higher than Co-Sponsor as with Fresh telephone leads, the data is sent to the client 24 hours after dialling.
You will have a 60 days licence for the Co-Sponsor data you purchase.
Of course! Please provide your suppression file to Client Services. If a suppression file is very big then we may have to reject the order as there are only so many consumers in the UK.
The great thing with Co-Sponsor data is that we can be exact. We will do a count based on your criteria from the data gathered over the month.
Once you have placed your order and payment has cleared our account, data will be delivered in 24 48 hours. If you have a preferred delivery format, please let Client Services know, otherwise, we will deliver your data via Excel with password.
When we deliver your Co-Sponsor data, we will include 5 voice files / call recordings where you will be able to hear the consumer opt-in and the end of call recording playing. This can be part of your compliance pack. We aim to deliver the voice files at the same time as your data, however QA recordings can take 24-48 hours to deliver, after data delivery.
Because the end of call recording has been played to all consumers, if there was a change in criteria, you can indicate that to us before we do the count. Don’t worry when the month closes, we will contact you to ask this question before we send you the number of records, we have available for you to buy.
From producing the count results, you will have 5 working days to decide and notify DBI that you wish to proceed with an order. After this period, we will remove your brand from our Co-Sponsor offering.
If, after you have received your count results, you decide not to proceed with an order, we will remove your branding from our end of call recording and look to replace you with a new client. Please get in touch with Jane marketing@dbiph.com if you would like more information on any of our data services. We can provide you with our Direct Marketing Script and End of Call Recording documents so you can see in detail how our services work.
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