DBI Housing Disrepair Claims

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If you live in a council housing or housing association there is a care of duty to ensure that your home is of a good standard if not, then you may be entitled to make a claim. Making a claim will not only compensate you but get the repairs completed faster.

Sadly, there are 1000’s of consumers who are making claims and if you wait and don’t act now you will just end up on a very long waiting list. Why should you suffer? The great thing is that we have a team to do all the heavy lifting for you so don’t delay sign up today.

Housing disrepair can include damp, mold, condensation, leaks, drainage, flooding (internal and external i.e., the garden), repointing of brickwork, missing or loose tiles, structural cracks, insect and vermin infestation, poor ventilation, boiler issues, no running or hot water or heating to name a few.

Please find a long list of claims that have been made and paid out to consumers.

Penetrating damp, Rising damp, Windows/doors, Heating/hot water, Cracks/subsidence, Rotten roof timbers, problems with boiler, defective drains, defective electrical, installations cracks, Leaks from shower into kitchen below, leaks from water tank into a bedroom, Recurring leaks from above, Defective windows, No heating, Repeated problems with hot water, Leaks into property through light fitting, Heavy leaks from above, Consequential damage to electrical installations, Repeated leaks from above, Through light fittings, Intermittent heating issues, Rising and penetrating damp, intermittent heating and hot water issues, Rising damp/penetrating damp/structural cracking, Structural cracks, Leaks into various parts of property, Water Penetration into bedroom and living room, Damaged Ceiling plaster in bedroom, Structural cracking, Water penetration from the roof and gutters into bedroom, Water penetration from roof and guttering, Unsafe electrics, Intermittent leaks due to defective pipework, Unsafe electrical installations, Penetrating damp and mould growth, Mould growth…the list goes on and on…..

‘very easy to deal with, they do what they say’

‘It was great they spent time with me to understand the issues unlike the council’

‘I never knew I was entitled to this money but only fair as we have
been living with damp’

‘Very friendly the advisor I spoke with clearly likes helping people’