Bespoke Campaign

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Bespoke Campaign

DBi offers lead generation services for clients across many verticals across the UK. During our 7 years in business, we have worked with over 80 clients offering sponsored questions on our direct marketing questionnaires, and also, through our bespoke campaigns, we have the facility to ask more meaningful, fact finding questions to qualify the prospect deeper before passing that consumer over t our client as a qualified lead.

Sponsored Questions

A sponsored question is a question asked on your behalf designed to gain a yes or no response. For example, lets look at a home improvement question.

The Question Set:

Q1: On behalf of (your company name), could I ask, are you thinking of changing your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom in the next 12 months?

These type of lead generation services would be exclusive to you, and is known in the industry as first use data or “fresh” data.

You will also be provided with the consumer name, address, postcode, age bracket and if required, homeowner status and employment status.

Bespoke Campaigns

A bespoke campaign goes deeper regarding the fact finding when talking to a consumer.

Again, designed to initiate a series of yes or no responses, this would involve asking more than one question to further qualify the lead, based on the criteria you are looking for.

A few examples would be to generate a hot key transfer of a consumer who is happy to discuss your offer in more detail, or, to generate a database of interested consumer for you to call back and pitch your offer to them.

Our bespoke campaign offer a full suite of services including:

  • Agents
  • Calling Station
  • ISP/Telco
  • Use of our internal opted in calling data base or supplied by you
  • HKT if needed. If call drop consumer details sent via e-mail
  • Full voice file recording
  • Use of our licensed Texo dialler
  • End of shift report with disposition
  • TL / Supervisor for over 10 agents
  • Experienced agents – no fresher’s
  • Review of your script for success
  • Calling Monday to Friday
  • Other bespoke reports that you require
  • Calling of Landline Numbers
  • Calling of Mobile Numbers


DBI welcome your enquires to discuss your lead generation services requirements. Call us today to discover how we can deliver interested clients directly to you.

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